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It was purchased a few years back from its original owner in Detroit and brought back to Seattle where it served for several years, even continuing to play in original condition until just recently. Unfortunately, this radio then suffered a catastrophic failure as the original components spontaneously failed and caused a short which destroyed the power transformer, among other issues. The dial belt had been replaced with fishing line, which was slipping. A new nylon dial belt fixed this right up: Most of the resistors tested within spec, miraculously, and all capacitors were replaced. For the power transformer, I used an Edcor power transformer which was custom made in the USA specifically for this application. First step was to attach Molex connectors to each of the transformer leads. Under the chassis, new terminal strips, silicon rectifier diodes and a dropping resistor were installed to replace the 6X5 tube which is a own risk to keep operating. Mounted to the cabinet:

Robertson Tweed 5E3 PCB Build Manual

They tend to have a warmer and darker tone than many other types of microphones, which can work well for the right source at the right time. I snatched up an MXL R40 recently for a great price, figuring it was a good place to start learning how to use a ribbon microphone. It is also a great beginner DIY studio project.

JUST LOOKING designed to eliminate phase shift be-tween channels. Convenience features include programmable playback, pause, and forward and reverse search. Suggested retail price.

The story was that they belonged to his father who purchase them new som etime in the golden age of Hi-Fi, and they had been languishing at the home of one of his other sons for years. Jack came across them and rescued the pair thinking that someday he would put them to use driving a pair of Renkus-Heinz commercial 16ohm speakers we’ve had in our warehouse, also collecting dust. Well, he finally asked me if I could do something with them..

I got them home heavy buggers! One of the amps power supply section was really messed up by someone – the rectifier feeds a 30uf cap first, then a ohm power resistor to an 80uf section forming a CRC filter. I don’t see how this could have even worked! Plus, there was a 12au7 instead of a 12ax7 in the driver cathode follower stage.

Robertson Tweed 5E3 PCB Build Manual

SONEX from illbruck ensures that you’re getting the sound you want. Our complete line of acoustical materials gives you total control -in the studio, the control room, or wherever sound quality is critical. Controls reverb, reflections, and resonances – beautifully.

Microphone, Line Input and Output, Split or General purpose transformers. Find the right transformer for your project: Sowter, Lundahl Transformers, Edcor T.

Hissssss and Pinggggg When designing a tube mixer you always aim for as little noise as possible from the microphone pre-amplifier. Even with a 1: For this reason it is usually necessary to select the input tube of a mic pre for lowest noise. In addition to their inherent noise, tubes have one other drawback when used for mic pres and that is microphony. When you tap them, an audible sound can sometimes be heard. Again, the degree to which this happens varies a lot from tube to tube of the same type so again it is necessary to select tubes for low microphony.

Now I have cured the hum issues with the demo mixer I am in a position to measure the noise of the mic pre and also to test various tube types for noise and microphony. I used the Helios 69 input channel with the EQ switched out. First I fed in a signal at dBu into the microphone input , set the gain to maximum 60dB , the channel fader fully up and then adjusted the second stage gain for 0dBu at the channel direct output. This means there was then a total of 60dB of gain from the mic input to the direct out.

To measure noise I then plugged in a shorting XLR with pins 2 and 3 shorted,into the mic input.

EZ Tube Mixer Build

Building a Stereo Tube Amp Ever wanted to build a highly dangerous, inefficient, yet awesomely retro piece of electronics? That’s pretty much what a tube amp is. Vacuum tubes are old electronic components that act like transistors, controlling a lot of current with a little current. You usually hear about tubes being used in guitar amplifiers, because they distort in a way that suits guitar playing. However, tubes can also be used to amplify a stereo signal from another audio source such as a CD or MP3 player.

The goal of the reamp box is to make the amplifier react in exactly the same way a live guitar would, but with a pre-recorded audio source Q. 1 What is re-amping? Re-amping is the process whereby the direct signal from a guitar, bass or keyboard is recorded — usually on a separate track alongside the signal.

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Took the first step towards returning this radio to its’ glory The knobs are all there, dirty, but still usable. The escutcheon, and push buttons, as you eluded Tom, are toast.

EDCOR (USA) Output Transformers 6 Ohms (8 Ohms available on request / Free) Custom EDCOR proprietary power transformer (Way over-sized) Voltage Doubler Power Supply Design.

I haven’t done anything that others haven’t already done to their VK Royal 8’s. My first modification was swapping the stock speaker for a Jensen Mod 8. I did this several months ago, and I can’t remember exactly how crappy the stock speaker was, but the Mod 8 was much better. I have no idea weather or not this modification voids the warranty.

My second modification was to add an external speaker jack. I then removed the speaker connectors from the speaker wires and soldered them to the jack. Then, I ran some new wires from the jack to the speaker using female spade connectors to connect to the speaker. I tested the jack out by plugging it into an external cab with another Mod 8 speaker.

After I convert my Crate GFX into a separate head and speaker cab, I’ll see what this amp sounds like through a couple of 12 inch speakers. My last modification so far was to replace the stock output transformer with a much larger Weber WSE I do not know weather or not a transformer this large is overkill, but I sure like the results. This amp sounds so much more clear.

Looks entry-level… and simple – but high-end enough to be the sole amp of your system.

I cannot offer gratis technical support at this time. For other inquiries you can reach me at Chris at PreservationSound dot com. There are a great many people for whom this is just not-for.

KT88 Clementine This low power SET is paired with a khozmo attenuator driven directly from CD source. This amp has plenty of power to drive the La Scala clones that were actually built to compliment this amp.

We use a part Mumetal core for the output transformer. This means we get a very high inductance which probably improves the LF cut off relative to the original also. It also means we can also use fewer turns on the transformer which improves the HF response. I was delighted to receive your transformers in the post on Saturday. Having prepared a case and sockets in advance I set to work and did all the cabling and soldered joints the same day. So please pass this on to your technical team.

My earthing connections proved correct first time and are absolutely silent – adding nothing to the preamp background noise. I am so pleased with the results. This has exceeded my expectations and I am so glad that I followed my instincts that transforming a moving coil output was exactly the way to get the most from this type of cartridge.

Building a Stereo Tube Amp

Beginner This page is the result of several different tests done over a period of several months. The testing was done using different amplifiers under different conditions, so the results may not be directly comparable, however in each of the amps used the transformer is by far the limiting factor. I have begun a more controlled transformer testing experiment using the test amp shown at the bottom of the page to evaluate about pounds of transformers. That testing was performed to find the right transformer to use in the Tubelab SSE amp.

Transformers for several budgets are considered.

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I have been building and DIYing for 45 years now and happily will never stop. This tube headphone amp is from a thread in the Form. The sound is better than my ears have ever heard so I will be keeping this one for my retirement entertainment should such a time ever come. Wink It has worked from day one and continues to please me every time it is turned on.

To spite it’s small size the parts are quite easily accessed. I over built most components so it will outlast me I fear. The only change I anticipate may be the 6AS7 to a bottle neck glass to match the rectifier tube. I do have and use a tube, but i can tell no difference in sound. It will take more then a few hours of listening to get my ears better tuned. All P2P construction using silver solder.

Single Ended Tube Amplifier Build 2017 – Part 12 – Mounting the Components