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Print Departing the whirlwind of Princeton on school breaks never fails to provide a return to childhood. Home offers a peaceful break to recharge from the fast-paced college scene. It is everything I anticipate it to be and yet something manages to break the antique serenity every time: With five colleges located nearby Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke, Smith, and UMass Amherst , university students and activities have an undeniably big presence in town. Returning to a college existence away from college has made the return home a little more confusing than I imagined it would be. On one hand, this town is so viscerally linked to untouched childhood memories like spending hours sitting in the reading nook of the library at five years old, surrounded by piles of picture books, taking shelter in the basement after running through the rain. On the other hand, I strongly identify with the flocks of backpack-carrying, sleep-deprived students that I see every time I step outside my house. I used to speed through the UMass campus on my bike, exhilarated by the idea of zooming past all of the permanently stressed, book-laden adults. Though we live in separate parts of the country, I am drawn to the idea of our parallel lives spent bracing the cold on the way to class, embracing the lure of independence, and feeling overwhelmed by the constant unknown phase of becoming an adult. As I watch a group of boys pick up a case of beer, discussing how best to mix tequila, and then overhear two girls chatting about their economics professor, I am tempted to join in.

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Conveniently located just minutes by bus or car to UMass Amherst, enjoy easy access to local malls and grocery stores, downtown shopping, restaurants and area colleges.

They played basketball together. They went to the same night spots. They never talked about It. Honest, says Danya Abrams, Boston College’s best player. He and Marcus Camby, the University of Massachusetts’ best player, had fun together at last summer’s Olympic Festival. But they never mentioned BC vs. Foreshadowing is a better word.

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I would like to come to NH on these dates: Canvassing is also needed on weekdays–especially evenings. The rides up and back create good conversations and acquaintances. Also, UMass and 5-College students who would be interested in registering for academic credit associated with the canvassing experience are encouraged to contact me as soon as possible.

It is relatively to do late-adds through our sponsor in the History Department, which is offering a 2-credit Independent Study that would involve canvassing or other volunteering through Election Day.

accepted for inclusion in Masters Theses by an authorized administrator of [email protected] Amherst. For more information, please contact [email protected] Recommended Citation hookup has slightly different meanings from author to author, scholars contend that the hookup has.

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What was she thinking? What would she say? My uncle raped me when I was The police never arrested him. I did not sleep. That night I realized that from then on I could not stay silent—if not for myself, then for my roommate.

Property Description for Lincoln Avenue, Amherst, MA CLASSIC LINCOLN AVENUE COLONIAL has a cobblestone front walk. There is a second small covered porch front entry leading to the half bath and kitchen.

I think it ideally initiates a process of self-exploration. Catharine MacKinnon in her book Feminism Unmodified. No wonder, then, that the battles become so heated. When innuendo qualifies as rape, the definitions have become so slippery that the entire subject sinks into a political swamp. Since the early s, Robin Morgan was a leader of the radical feminist movement, in the US and internationally. She was also the editor of Ms. Magazine a contributing editor since the mid s and editor-in-chief from to In her book, Going Too Far: I think this will be accompanied by an evolutionary process that will result in a drastic reduction of the population of males.

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Abstract Timely assessment of the aggregate health of small-area human populations is essential for guiding the optimal investment of resources needed for preventing, avoiding, controlling, or mitigating human exposure risks, as well as for maintaining or promoting health. Seeking those interventions yielding the greatest benefit with respect to the allocation of resources is critical for making progress toward community sustainability, reducing health disparities, promoting social justice, and maintaining or improving collective health and well-being.

More informative, faster, and less-costly approaches are needed for guiding investigation of cause-effect linkages involving communities and stressors originating from both the built and natural environments. This nascent approach can be referred to as Sewage Chemical-Information Mining SCIM and involves the monitoring of sewage for the information that resides in the form of natural and anthropogenic chemicals that enter sewers as a result of the everyday actions, activities, and behaviors of humans.

Of particular interest is a specific embodiment of SCIM that would entail the targeted monitoring of a broad suite of endogenous biomarkers of key physiologic processes as opposed to xenobiotics or their metabolites. This application is termed BioSCIM—an approach roughly analogous to a hypothetical community-wide collective clinical urinalysis, or to a hypothetical en masse human biomonitoring program.

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Students will have the opportunity to conduct research projects in multiple areas relevant to data science including applications computational social science, computational ecology and sustainability, mobile health, etc. Students will work on research projects under the supervision of a faculty member and graduate student mentor. On-campus apartment-style residence housing paid directly by the program.

Meals to be paid from student stipend. Activities REUMass will start with a one-week intensive data science boot camp for all participants. The program will also include weekly group lunches with a short presentation from a current CS graduate student and a technical presentation or talk relevant to data science research. Program Requirements Accepted participants must diligently work towards completing a research project during the duration of the program.

This is followed by a min presentation of their research progress at the end of 6th week. Finally, students will participate in a poster session showcasing their research in the last week of the program. Research Project Areas Students participating in the program will have the opportunity to work on a research project related to one or more of the areas listed below.

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The panel, which consisted of Epifano and two sexual assault victims from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Annie Clark and Andrea Pino, addressed the need for victims to report their experiences, informed students of the resources available to them in the wake of a sexual assault and raised concerns about the process of reporting a rape on campus.

Both Epifano and Pino emphasized that coming forward after a sexual assault is an incredibly painful and difficult process. In her time away from college, Epifano has launched a national movement of activism along with former students like Clark and Pino, who serve as valuable resources to students who need help reporting a sexual assault. Clark created a blind reporting system for students at the University of North Carolina and through using the system, Pino realized that fellow victims failed to report because they had no one supporting them.

To raise awareness about the laws protecting students, they created the Know Your Nine Campaign knowyourix.

DeVesto’s latest ideal for streaming Duetto a sound decision. You can even hook up the Duetto to an Amazon Echo Dot and command the Duetto by voice. UMass Amherst warns students to pass.

Tweet Hooking up with someone in college might turn awkward or just plain confusing. For some, the phrase could mean kissing after a date. For others, it means second base. But no one talks about how to prepare for a college hookup or the aftermath. You meet a cute boy or girl and go home with him or her. You wake up the next day lying next to someone you barely know.

The feeling of shame and dread flashes over you. What did you do? You did nothing wrong, so long as it was consensual and safe. Often, people come down too hard on themselves. First, everything the deed is done.

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This is a new interview with Fred Murray, by blogger Erinn Larkin. Anyone interested in the case should listen to it. Erinn Larkin has contacted me for years. She was on the track team at UMass with Kate Markopoulos and she has taken an interest in the case for some time. We’ve been at odds off and on for some time, and most of her blog and her podcasts are based on picking apart my research.

The latest Tweets from UMass Secrets (@UMassSecrets). We all know there are things the administration tries to hide from its students, we’re here to reveal them. Amherst, MA.

Photos by Josh Hutchins. When I decided to move my winters to Australia, part of me knew that I was sacrificing my love for one of the most special fisheries in the world. It seemed unfathomable to miss a week of the season, let alone all of it. I found comfort knowing that I still had summer steelhead available to me for the other six months of the year, but for so long I had defined myself by the persistence and patience it took to pursue their cold-weather counterparts, that fishing for summer-fish almost seemed like cheating; no suffering in snow-drenched gloves, no sink-tip loop-to-looping, no purple lips waiting to be thawed by a steaming dark roast.

But I knew it was either sacrifice or divorce, so winter steelhead took a backseat to my vows, with the compromise that I would visit them every second Christmas. The first three years of the trade-off ran smoothly. So I did my best to compromise by deciding that as long as a species was introduced over one hundred years ago, I would try to turn a blind eye to how it got there. Lush greenery lined the riverbanks, and steep cliffs held wild birds, kangaroos, wombats and other fascinating animals.

As though composed of words from a fairytale, the freestone streams ran endlessly over red rock and green foliage, their pools such a deep sapphire-blue it seemed almost sacrilege that no wild trout or steelhead had ever naturally found their way there.

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The size of the campus is awesome and there are so many different majors and classes I could choose from. I knew there was a lot of stuff I could do outside of academics as well. Plus they seemed to have a strong study abroad program. I also knew a few people who went here and they told me that they really loved living and studying here.

UMass‐Amherst, Geosciences Department pump hook-up. 9/26/ 17 Sanitary well cap (overlapping & self-draining) Electrical conduit Well casing pipe Screened air vent on underside of well cap Tight seal between cap and casing This drilled well has an older style well cap that does.

Student room with 24 computers and small breakout rooms seat stepped lecture hall with 24 computers seat lecture hall with power outlet and Internet hookup Interactive Molecular Playground Craig Martin, Chemistry, and emeritus professors Allen Hanson, Computer Science, and Eric Martz, Microbiology, and Adam Williams, a graduate student in Computer Science, developed an Interactive Molecular Playground for the ISB lobby. The exhibit features colorful 3-D models of familiar compounds such as the antigen that causes the allergic reaction to peanuts, hemoglobin, glucose, vitamin D, insulin, caffeine and a variety of drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen, plus their binding sites in proteins in the brain, bloodstream and elsewhere.

Images, projected on a 6-by foot wall and a shadow-sensing infrared camera, will detect an observer’s hand motions, allowing “players” to push, rotate and resize the molecular image at will. Sustainable Building Design Cooling systems reuse rain water Efficient, state-of-the-art heat exchanges and ventilation systems Passive solar south-facing solarium.

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Statement of the Problem Background: Sorting facilities of almost all major shipping companies contain a system of conveyer belts that separate packages into different shipping sections corresponding to their destination. A tunnel sorting system encloses a section of the conveyer belt. The system then reads all packages traversing through it to find out their destination and sorts the packages to their appropriate sections. The tunnel sort system contains a few main components:

Research Assistant Sociology Department, UMass Amherst (Roland Chilton) – Research Consultant Jewish Geriatric Services, Longmeadow, Massachusetts – Michael Barton, and Matthew Valaisk. Male Rape Myths and Hookup Culture: An Examination of Collegiate Perspectives. In draft. Becker, Sarah and Crystal Paul. Avenues for.

Our guests today are husband and wife Mr. Ghassan Bishara and Mrs. Bishara was born in Connecticut, the daughter of a Swedish immigrant father and first generation Swedish mother. She attended Upsala College, and spent my junior year in Sweden where she met my Swedish family and established lifelong relationships. After graduation, she worked as a hospital social worker in NYC where she met her husband Ghassan. She later got a Masters degree in early childhood education and became a kindergarten teacher in VA, where she taught for 32 years.

Before meeting Ghassan, Mrs Bishara knew no Palestinians, and the issue of Palestine was unknown to her.